Online Fundraising For Nonprofits With Clout

The typical nonprofit is full of good people working hard to make the world a better place. The eternal challenge, however, is that achieving its aims takes money. Getting money takes time and resources. Finding more time and resources, means hiring more staff, which takes money. Online fundraising? Sounds like even more time down the drain, am I right?

There’s an easier way.

Online Fundraising With Google Ad Grants

First the good news: Not only has Google has crafted one of the greatest advertising platforms that has ever existed but they have also created a grant program along with it that just about any officially recognized 501(c)(3) can get access to.

That’s not all: getting into the program entitles your organization to $10,000 USD in advertising credit. PER MONTH.

The bad news: while the application process is quick and easy, if you are not careful with how you manage your campaigns, you may find yourself banned from the program.

You see, the program has a lot of rules you have to follow. For example:

  • Do not Input a credit card number when prompted
  • May not place a bid for more than $2.00
  • May only utilize certain types of advertisements.

For a nonprofit that wants to utilize the program, this puts them in a tough position: dedicate time and money to train staff to manage the ad grants program (taking away from the work they are already doing), or outsource to an AdWords agency that will charge way more than they can afford.

Clout is different. In fact, we are currently doing A/B test research and if your nonprofit is completely new to the program and you are willing to let us share your data in our case studies, we will work for free for 60 days. We will secure your grant, set up your accounts, and manage your campaigns for free for 60 days. We handle all aspects of managing your grant and its associated ad campaigns as well as consult with you on the ‘best practices’ to make the most of it.

When the 60 days are over, we don’t leave you hanging. Sixty days is long enough for us to establish a set of ‘best practices’ that work well with the brand of your nonprofit, and we will teach you how to manage campaigns for yourselves.

For those that are up for learning the system on their own, though, make sure you learn from quality resources like the Google Ad Grants Playbook.

What kind of campaigns work best with the Google ad grants program?

Great question! We don’t recommend immediately hitting people up for money, although you certainly could.

A more effective way to spend the grant is to use it to plug other fundraising events. You can use Google Ad Grants to sell concert tickets, or chili dinners. Whatever it is you are already doing, we will find a way to leverage your grant to its fullest extent.

Even merchandise like T-shirts or calendars for your animal rescue is okay to advertise with the program.

That sounds great, but we are a small operation. We don’t do big events; don’t sell merchandise.

That’s fine. A simple email newsletter can be a cost effective way for smaller operations that you send out once a week or so with news about your cause. And a plug asking for donations, of course.

Seriously? Only $400 per month? What’s the catch?

For real. We want to help people that are doing good in the world with their online fundraising. We hope to work together for the long haul, but you are under no obligation to stay with us for the rest of your life.

In conclusion, if you aren’t in the Google Ad Grant program, you are truly missing out. Clout can help you take full advantage of this innovative program from application to setup to management.

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s kick your online fundraising into high gear!