Lead Generation: How To Grow Your Business With Clout

Whether you are hitting a dry spell, just getting off the ground, or ready for explosive growth, lead generation is at the forefront of your mind.

We can help.

The Right Lead Generation Strategy For Your Business

Despite what most digital marketing agencies will tell you, there is no silver bullet. Clout does not apply a cookie-cutter strategy to every business. We don’t come in and tell you how things should be done. For us, step one is simple:

We listen.

After learning about your business, what you have tried in the past, and your current pain points, we will work with you to craft the best overall strategy.

Are you a high-end videography business that has mostly relied on word of mouth for new business?

The reality is that a local search engine optimization (SEO) campaign may be useless if few people in your area are searching for your service.

On the other hand, a Facebook retargeting campaign (serves up ads on the Facebook platform only to people that have already seen your website) may knock it out of the park.

Sometimes, however, the tried-and-true works. For a local service business like a locksmith, owning the front page of google is do-or-die. Do you pursue that with pay-per-click (PPC) marketing? SEO? Well, that depends. Are you looking for quick wins, or longevity?

These are the important questions your digital marketing agency needs to be asking.

Most agencies specialize in one particular area of marketing that they believe is the holy grail. Many of them truly are very good at what they do. But how do you know that their tactic is the very best fit for your business? You need to talk to somebody with a broad knowledge of digital marketing tactics and a metric-based, experimental approach. You need Clout.

Here’s the thing: we don’t charge a dime to talk strategy and come up with a plan. Our free consultation includes a detailed SEO audit and keyword research. If we think our agency is a good fit for your business, we will send you an official proposal for you to consider. If you agree, then all you have to do is sign the proposal and we will get to work.

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