If you have made it this far into the website, then you know the basics: Clout is a holistic digital marketing firm that helps you craft the best approach for your organization before we even consider asking for money.

But how do you know that we are as good as we say?

Okay, let’s drop the formalities. My name is Steve Ward, and I’m the founder and chief strategist behind Clout Digital Marketing.

First off, let me allay your fears: I am Google Analytics certified, experienced in all of the tools that Clout works with, and I come from a background that’s somewhat unique in the digital marketing world. Let me explain.

You see, most digital marketers come from a technical background, first, before finding a niche (like web development or AdWords) they are attracted to and zeroing in on it. They get to be very good at what they do; experts, in fact. But remember the old adage about how if all you have is a hammer, suddenly everything looks like a nail?

Of course a web developer thinks a slick state-of-the-art website is what you need. That person has devoted serious time and study to their art. They are good at it, and believe in it. But what is the fanciest website in the world worth if it is not getting you results? What if a simple one-page landing page can actually get you better results?

A better approach is to start with strategy. After I get to know your business, I will tailor the approach most likely to get results. If you decide to hire me, I get to work.